Hello nice to meet you :)

My name is Ron (AKA ron77)...

I am a middle aged person from israel. i am also diagnosed with Schizophrenia since my teens

During the years of my life i wore many hats - - -

I wrote for 14 years of my life poetry and short stories and screenplays and published 5 books in hebrew

I am also for he last 7 or 6 years learning programming and retro programming and active in my own retro programming community forum

I am active on my other gemini gemlog where i posted fictional journals poems and shorts stories both in hebrew and english

So i'm a poet a writer a programmer a gemini blogger

And all that while i struggle each day week month and year with my mental illness...

I'm usually introvert and pessimist - i'm a secular Jew living in israel - the place my grandparents escaped to from burning WWII Europe to escape the Holocaust...

I live somewhere near Tel Aviv...

I do not work cause i am not able to because of my mental illness - so i have a lot of time for my hobbies and fields of interests

In this capsule (site) on gemini i intend to post a gemlog with personal notes and reflections on my life as well as poems and short stories and memoirs

You are invited to join me in my journey through this wonder and horror called "life in this world" to read about my dreams and nightmares my hopes and life

Yours with kind regards...